classic e type jaguar

Enzo Ferrari once called the classic e type jaguar “the most beautiful car ever made.” It’s no wonder why – these roadster and coupe models are some of the most iconic cars of all time. They’re also a true bargain, being half the price of some of their rivals when they were launched in 1961.

There are a few things that you should know before buying a classic e type jaguar though. First, make sure the car is in good condition.

Whether you’re looking for a Series 1 roadster or a Series 3 coupe, it’s important to choose a vehicle that’s in excellent condition. The car should be free of dents and scratches, as these will be noticeable when driving.

Look for cracks and rust, especially on the rear of the car. This is a classic sign of a car that has been driven hard, so it’s best to find a reputable restoration shop that can help you clean up the metalwork.

The History of the Jaguar E-Type: From Concept to Classic

Check all the suspension and brakes, as these are the most vulnerable part of an E-type. If the front or rear of your car sways, it’s likely that there is something wrong with the springs and anti-roll bar.

The rear suspension is the most complex component of an E-type, so it’s important to ensure that all of the bushes and bearings are in good condition. Worn rear radius arms will squeal when driving over rough ground, while clunks and whines from the differential can indicate worn drive shafts or drive gears.