With plummeting prices and rising ev website inventory, more drivers are considering an electric vehicle (EV) as their next car. For some, however, the upfront cost remains a hurdle. The good news is that with a little bit of digging, shoppers can find a wide variety of used EV options — from websites like CarGuru and CarMax to Craigslist and other sale-by-owner sites and independent or franchised dealerships. Many of these vehicles will even qualify for the state’s IRA used-car tax credit.

With a price tag that is generally lower than that of the average gas-powered vehicle, used EVs can be an affordable and practical option for some consumers. The key is to research and ask the right questions. For example, consider whether the vehicle will be suitable for the weather where you live. Extreme temperatures can reduce battery range. Also be sure to check that the EV instrument cluster shows its actual maximum range, which may differ from the original manufacturer’s specification due to degradation over time and the impact of extreme heat or cold.

Electric Car Motor for Sale: Options and Considerations

Mark C., for instance, purchased a used 2013 Smart ED for $4,000 and says it’s “perfect for daily commuting into New York City.” He advises potential buyers to prioritize battery health, look for DC fast charging on road trips and think about their budget, as an EV is more expensive to own than a traditional car. He also recommends checking if the model is still under its original battery warranty for extra peace of mind.