Cannabis Dispensary Manitoba

Cannabis Dispensary Manitoba Canadian provinces, Manitoba has chosen to not have a public retail model for non-medical legal cannabis. Instead, private retailers will operate all cannabis stores in the province. These stores will sell marijuana supplied by MBLL through competitive request for proposal bidding processes. The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba will regulate cannabis stores and distributors. It will also ensure that licensees are complying with regulations through regular inspections and audits. It will not allow cannabis and alcohol to be sold alongside each other in any store.

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Private cannabis retailers in Manitoba can set their own prices and will be able to advertise to customers of legal age. The government’s goal is that Manitobans will have access to cannabis within a 30-minute drive from their homes.

In addition to offering a wide selection of recreational products, all stores are required to have educational materials and staff trained in preventing underage use. It is also illegal to possess or distribute any form of cannabis to anyone under the age of 19.

The provincial government has taken steps to ensure rural communities have access to cannabis, with a lottery process to select retailers in some areas. It will also consider allowing private companies to run rural cannabis stores.

A licence that authorizes the holder to sell cannabis at locations specified in the licence as well as through online sales. The holder may only sell cannabis that has been grown by federally authorized producers. Cannabis must be sold in sealed containers and labelled to comply with the Act.