Captains Pink

Taking its name from its pink shade, this strain’s look is impressive. Its dark-green nugs and buds show hues of purple, as well as some long dark orange hairs swishing throughout the bud structure. A slew of crystal trichomes cover the buds, increasing their visual appeal even more.

The aromas are also Captains Pink appealing. This is a sweet and fruity strain that has notes of juicy berries, with a touch of pine and wood at the end. Users love the taste of Captains Pink, as well, with some describing it as intense and refreshing.

Captains Pink is an Indica that has a THC concentration of 15-18%. This makes it a very potent strain that should bring you an experience of profound and long-standing sedation. But before this happens, you’ll experience a tad of impactful euphoria that improves your mood and makes you more receptive for positive things.

Captain’s Pink Strain: A Deep Dive into the Genetics, Aroma, and Effects of this Legendary Cannabis Variety

The Army is shrinking, and some of its captains are losing their jobs. A handful of officers got separation notices, or “pink slips,” in June as part of a military commission that’s forcing the service to downsize its active-duty ranks.

The Army hasn’t said how many officers are getting pink slips, but a top officer indicated that the number is likely to be in the hundreds. The separations are meant to trim the service’s total ranks by about 50,000, from about 570,000 soldiers this year to 490,000. About half of those troops are captains or higher.