An email list that is clean and valid is essential for your marketing success. Sending emails to invalid or closed email addresses will bounce back and increase the chances of you being flagged as a spammer. This will lead to your emails ending up in the junk folders of most recipients. This will not only affect the open rates of your campaigns, but will also impact your ROI.

In order to keep your lists in tip-top shape, you need a tool that can verify and clean each and every one of the emails on your list. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best email list cleaning tools and compare their features, pricing, pros and cons to help you choose the right one for your business.

Keeping Your Email Lists Clean: Essential Email List Cleaning Tools

Founded in 2017, Bouncer is an email scrubbing and validation service that takes privacy seriously. With data centers in the EU and a GDPR compliant privacy policy, Bouncer uses an automated process to ensure your lists are free from fake email addresses. They have a variety of email verification options to suit your needs, including bulk email verification, disposable emails, incorrect syntax and duplicates. They can even detect so-called spam traps that email providers use to discover malicious senders.

Another popular list cleaning service is Pabbly, a highly customizable tool with the power to make sure your email lists are as clean as possible. It’s easy to upload large lists to a database and Pabbly will then identify invalid or inactive email addresses, catch-all accounts, and other issues that can cause deliverability problems. It also offers a number of unique tools such as MX lookup and a Chrome extension that can be added to sign-up forms and other landing pages to validate customer emails in real time.