Radon removal

Radon Removal and mitigation techniques help to reduce the level of radon gas in occupied buildings and water supplies. Radon is a radioactive gas that contributes to environmental radioactivity and is associated with health risks such as lung cancer. There are several types of radon removal and mitigation techniques, including radon abatement.

What is the best method for Radon mitigation

The effectiveness of each method depends on the type of home, the level of radon, and how the radon is entering the building. Some methods are better than others, and some require a combination of them. A radon mitigation contractor will be able to help you find the most effective option for your home.

The best method of reducing radon in a home is to install mitigation techniques. The most common mitigation techniques involve sealing cracks and holes in the walls. Depending on the size and type of home, a mitigation system can reduce radon levels within a home in as little as a few days. A thorough inspection and the selection of the proper mitigation technique will help determine the most efficient radon removal technique.

Radon mitigation can also include installation of a radon vent fan. This fan pulls radon gas from below a home by creating negative pressure under the slab. This fan can be installed in the attic, basement, or exterior of a home.