Innovative School Play Solutions are a brilliant way to make a playground fun and engaging for children of all ages and abilities. They can also be used as a learning tool to support lessons that are taught in the classroom. This could be as simple as adding and subtracting numbers through a game of 100 snakes and ladders or learning about the planets through the use of map markings.

Rhino Play offer a huge range of markings for school playgrounds that cover all kinds of subjects. From buildings and places, animals and people and letters and numbers to sports, games and board markings, there’s something for every school and budget.

Their products are made from preformed thermoplastic that is laid on the tarmac and heated using specialist equipment. This makes them very durable and safe for all children to play on, even in icy or wet conditions (although care should still be taken).

Colorful Creativity: The Top Playground Markings in the UK

The company offers a wide variety of markings that can be customised with different colour combinations and themes. This means that each playground can be unique and will reflect the school’s branding. They are a great option for schools that don’t have a lot of space, as they can fit lots of activities into a small area.

They are one of the leading playground marking companies in the UK, with several clients across the country and Europe. They specialise in the manufacture of playground markings that encourage physical activity and social interaction amongst children. They are committed to providing the highest quality products at the best possible prices, and their expert team is happy to work with schools on bespoke projects.