Providing a range of residential tree care services including pruning, tree trimming, and cable bracing, Rochester tree service professionals provide a variety of tree and shrub maintenance options. They can also help you select and plant new trees, mulch, and remove fallen ones from your yard. Additionally, many of them can assist with weeding and pest control.

Can you remove a tree stump by yourself?

Some rochester tree removal professionals may also work in conjunction with landscape contractors or garden and landscape suppliers to create a seamless design on your property. They might also be able to provide soil testing kits so that you can find out if a particular type of tree will thrive in your yard.

Tree service companies in Rochester also offer various stump grinding and tree removal services to keep your property pristine and safe. They can handle everything from root pruning and emerald ash borer treatments to tree removal and stump grinding. Some of them can even provide emergency tree removal services 24/7 to address any safety or property damage issues.