Best Sunrooms Uk the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces to bring a sense of light and airiness to any home. With a well-insulated build and the right furniture, you can make the most of the space throughout the year.

Sun rooms can be freestanding, or part of a larger extension. Getting the design right from the outset can help you achieve the perfect balance between space and functionality. It also helps to ensure the sunroom is energy efficient, so it can be used all year round. A woodburning stove or underfloor heating are both options, and will save you money on electricity bills.

Cooling spaces that have large expanses of glazing is a challenge, but the use of internal blinds can help prevent high temperatures and maintain clean lines. The black ones in this sunroom designed by Border Oak are a subtle but effective solution.

Designing Your Sanctuary: A Guide to Sunrooms in the United Kingdom

White walls can bounce sunlight around the room, boosting brightness and helping you create a bright and airy space. But if you’re ready to experiment with something a little more dramatic, black is a good choice for a sunroom. It recedes visually, allowing the colors of plants and flowers beyond to advance.

If you’re looking for a beautiful new sunroom to transform your home, get in touch with us at Lumon. We build quality garden rooms in London to your specifications, with patio doors that can seamlessly link your new room with the rest of your garden and home.