Japanese Hanten

The Japanese Hanten is a traditional style of garment worn by men. Traditionally, men wore hanten with a black satin collar. This garment is available in different designs, with either square or wide sleeve styles, wadding, and family crests. The style can be used for many purposes, such as protecting from the elements and enhancing the individual’s appearance. A Japanese Hanten can be a versatile piece of clothing for men.

Made From High-quality Cotton

The process of making a hanten jacket consists of about thirty steps. These include designing the pattern, weaving the cloth, and bind it. The cotton used for hanten is a type of fabric called Kurume Kasuri. This type of cotton is dyed with indigo and is produced in Kurume City, Fukuoka. The majority of production is carried out by Den Inoue. Hundreds of different hanten styles are available in stores throughout Japan and online.

In addition to being worn by men, the hanten is a traditional piece of clothing for women. It was originally worn over a kimono and has cotton padding and a tailored collar. It can be worn by both men and women and was introduced into the general public during the eighteenth century. It is not exclusive to aristocracy and was worn by commoners during festivals. The cotton lining makes it breathable, making it a versatile piece of clothing.

While the Japanese Hanten may seem a bit uncomfortable to wear in a hot climate, they can be extremely comfortable to wear. Since they are lightweight, they can be worn during all seasons, though they are primarily used in cold climates. Indigo Kurume kasuri textiles are reminiscent of the chilly villages in Japan during the winter. During the long, cold nights of winter, indigo hanten are often worn under a coat.