A hidden best under seat hidden car gun safe is a great way to safely store a handgun or other valuables in the vehicle without risking it being stolen. These safes usually come with a combination lock that requires a code or key to open and are mounted underneath the center console. Some are also tethered to the vehicle or secured with a steel security cable rated to 1500 pounds. A few models are covered in neoprene to protect the finish of the vehicle and all have USB ports for easy access.

Why can’t you lay a gun safe on its side?

One unique type of under seat pistol safe, known as a console safe, is bolted directly into the console and is more permanent than other car gun safes. These are ideal for truck and SUV owners who want to keep their weapon within easy reach, especially while driving off-road or in an emergency situation. It is important to select a model that is designed for the specific year and model of the vehicle to ensure proper fit and installation. Many of these safes require you to drill a hole into the console cavity, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Another option is a slim pistol-sized safe that sits vertically inside the vehicle and mounts using the vehicle rail or car mount. These types of car gun safes often have a PIN code or smart biometric fingerprint scanner for quick access. The Vaultek NSL20I, for example, offers four unlock options including a barrel key, RFID fob, digital keypad or biometrics.