Unlock Revenue with YouTube Monetized

Getting your channel monetized is a big step towards being able to make money from your videos. However, it’s important to remember that ad revenue isn’t the only way that creators can generate income from their content. Having multiple revenue streams will help you meet YouTube’s monetization requirements more quickly, so that you can earn money faster. Learn more http://youtubemonetized.com/

The primary source of ad revenue for YouTube creators comes from ads that are displayed on their videos. Typically, video advertisers will pay a certain amount for each thousand viewable seconds of their ad appearing on the creator’s video. The amount that the creator receives varies depending on a variety of factors.

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YouTube’s ad revenue sharing process is managed through its Partner Program, which requires the content creator to agree to its monetization terms, and have an AdSense account linked to that video channel. It also requires the content creator to live in a country where the Partner Program is available.

In addition to ads, YouTube also offers a few other ways that creators can monetize their content, including Super Chat and Super Stickers. With Super Chat, viewers can pay to have their comments featured in the creator’s live stream chat. In return, the creator will earn a small percentage of the total payments that are made.

The Super Stickers feature allows viewers to buy and share fun stickers that float up in the live stream chat. This is another great way for your audience to show their appreciation and support your channel, as well as to earn a bit of extra revenue for you.