Waxing is the most common way to remove unwanted hair from different areas of the body. Typically, waxes are made from natural materials and are safe for all skin types. Waxing is also a more lasting method of hair removal than shaving or depilatory creams. In fact, regrowth in waxed areas is finer and less noticeable.

How much does waxing cost in Canada?

If you’ve never been to a waxing bar, the thought of getting waxed by strangers might sound like an uncomfortable prospect. But a new Kitsilano wax bar called Fuzz wants to change that perception. The chain—which currently has half a dozen locations across Canada—is known for its membership services and genderless booking. Instead of choosing a women’s or men’s service, you book according to anatomy—say, “Deep Kini (V)” or “Between the Cheeks (P).” URL : https://naileditbeautyspa.com/waxing/

It’s a concept that might sound crazy, but it works: The salon’s clients are treated to a spa-like experience, with music, magazines and even iPads for guests to use. In addition, the staff are friendly and professional. And if you’re not comfortable with the idea of strangers ripping your hair out, there’s always an option for pre-waxing numbing spray. Just be sure to avoid alcohol, harsh cleansers, hot baths or showers, and any products containing glycolic or alpha hydroxy acid for 48 hours before your appointment. Also, make sure to exfoliate twice a week to reduce ingrown hairs.