Google’s search algorithms are constantly changing and getting trickier to crack. They now consider more than 200 factors before ranking a website. This means that SEO experts need to constantly monitor and master the latest updates and changes. With this in mind, it’s important to hire a local SEO expert in Canberra. This will ensure that your website gets the best possible results for your target keyword or key phrase.

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There are many SEO dos and don’ts that a good Canberra SEO Services Canberra – AGR Technology agency should know. One of these is avoiding paid advertising. While SEO improves keyword rankings for organic listings over time, pay-per-click advertising is an instant way to boost exposure. With this strategy, you’ll pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement, and you’ll reap the rewards in terms of more traffic and sales. However, this approach will have a significant long-term impact on your website’s performance and will require a high initial investment.

SEO Canberra experts use a range of tools to determine what elements of your website are most important to Google. For instance, Google’s pagespeed insights will help determine what elements of your website need to be improved. They’ll also take into account other factors such as content placement, loading speed, and internal links.