If you have been charged with impaired driving in Calgary dui lawyers, it is important that you contact a calgary dui lawyer right away. These are serious charges and a conviction will have a huge impact on your life. A good DUI lawyer will help you fight for your rights and freedoms. He will also help you get the charges reduced or even beaten so that you can avoid having this on your criminal record.

Why is Canada so strict on DUI?

It still surprises many drivers that they can be charged with failing or refusing to provide a breath sample on demand from a police officer in Alberta even if they have not had a drop of alcohol and their blood alcohol concentration is under the legal limit. There are often good reasons why a driver is unable or unwilling to provide a breath sample and a skilled DUI defence lawyer can use these as part of the case.

David Chow understands that properly defending impaired driving and its related prosecutions (at/over 80, and refusing to blow) requires a criminal lawyer who is truly dedicated to this area of practice. This is because these types of cases frequently involve technical defences relating to the collection and interpretation of evidence and they can often include applications under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As a former Crown Prosecutor, David prosecuted hundreds of impaired driving cases and since joining the criminal defence bar, much of his practice has been focused on this area of law.